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Colleen Rothschild 'Clarifying Detox Mask' Review

Colleen Rothschild 'Clarifying Detox Mask' Review

This is my first Colleen Rothschild purchase and I have been meaning to purchase something from her website but it's so expensive for a college student! But, thankfully they have discounts somewhat often so I pounced on something that is useful for my skin when they came out with their President's Day sale. As soon as I received this package, I could feel the luxury.

The packaging itself is so beautiful and you can feel that they put a lot of heart into making it look nice.

The only fault I have for this packaging is that I wish it was in a tube because I hate putting my finger into a pot for a mask. It feels a little bit disgusting so it defeats the purpose you know?

Now getting into the actual mask itself, it reminds me a lot of the Origin's Charcoal mask BUT, it is much thinner and smoother in consistency. I began using the mask from the paper lid and it just felt like I was putting on cream on my face.

It feels luxurious in it's own way.

Something else unlike other charcoal mask' I've used it that it doesn't make your face all stiff. Even once it dries you can still move your face so that's a definite plus.

I also find this mask to be amazing in it's own way because like a cream, it really absorbs into the skin. As I am writing this blog post I have it on, and upon touching the place that I put on the mask, it feels like I have a second layer of skin on top of my actual skin. It doesn't feel weird, but it feels very gentle. I don't know if that's one of it's properties, but I feel like because it feels so much like skin, the mask really sinks into the skin and does the world. But of course, this is all once it is dried. When it's wet it is still somewhat thick so, don't touch your face then!

I would say it dries relatively fast as well. I wouldn't recommend using it in the morning as much unless you wake up 10 minutes earlier maybe but it is definitely a good spa treatment for a Sunday night.

When you put the entire mask on your face, it feels very soothing on the face. It isn't heavy on the skin.

Now, after my first spot treatment using this mask, I would say that it is only effective as a spot treatment if you spot treat twice with a day in between. I didn't see much different when I first spot treated, but after spot treating twice, the next morning all my acne was gone! I was really excited about that!

I also used it on my whole face, and for that, I don't think it's really worth it. I do think that this mask is a lot better for spot treatment than as a pamper session for your whole face. Of course, it isn't terrible for the whole face. Just for the price, I, personally, want to use it sparingly.

In terms of removal, because the formula is so smooth, it is very easy to remove. I've developed a new form of removing any sort of clay mask and that is, once it has dried, I rinse my face towel under hot water, rinse out the water, press the towel into my face for a couple of seconds, and then gently remove the mask in circular motions. It really helped it come off easily.

Anyway, my conclusion of this mask is that it is amazing! I wouldn't say that it's out of this world and needs to be part of your skincare routine, but I would say that if you have the money to spare, give her collection a good go! I'm so sad that I don't have enough money for her stuff but, what's a college student going to do right?

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