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Make Up Eraser Review

Make Up Eraser Review

When I saw this on the Sephora website, I instantly wanted it. I mostly wanted it because in concept, this is amazing. If a piece of clothe with water can really remove all the make up, then that would mean so much money less spent. (It actually surprised me that Sephora would sell something like this because it could potentially put their make up removers almost out of business).)

And since it isn't super expensive, I decided to give it a try. Plus, Sephora has a great return policy.

So, I bought it and decided to give it a go. Since I am quickly running out of my make up remover, it was perfect timing.

It says to wash it before use, but I wanted to use it now so I kind of skipped that step...

But I did soak it in warm water. It takes a bit to soak it up, but once it does it really soaks it up. And now it is the moment of truth: does it work?

It does!

I only had to gently buff the towel onto my face and it came off very easily. Both sides of the eraser works well to remove the make up. However, a word of caution is that the water very quickly becomes cold. But the towel doesn't dry as quickly (I would say that it would definitely dry overnight if you remove your make up late in the day).

Something else is that while it does remove waterproof mascara, it doesn't remove the upper tightline. Which sucks because I always tightline my upper waterline. The lower waterline is removed quite easily.

Now, warning: it removes about 99% of face make up. When I went back to check with face make up remover and there was a little. However, the good thing is that if you have a very trusty cleanser then it will most likely be removed 100%.

For hygenic reasons, I obviously also recommending watching this eraser almost as soon as you've used it to avoid it storing up bacteria...and I use regular bar soap to wash mine. It doesn't change consistency either with wash.

A slight word of warning is that it can dry out your face a bit so definitely wash your face after your make up has been removed (if you didn't already).

I definitely recommend this make up eraser. It does what is advertised and I hope that the company comes out with more colors, and maybe a even smaller one for the eye.

For $20, it's worth it.

Also, it says you can use it up to 1000 washes so that's roughly 3 years? But, if you don't wear make up every day it can definitely last longer! (Assuming you buy make up removing oil + eye make up remover like I do, that's about ~$40/3-4 months. Doing that kind of math, that's about ~$480 saved with a $20 cloth.)

Purchase here:

UPDATE 6/10: One last flaw: terrible for travel. I wish it came with some sort of case that would make it easier to travel with instead of stuffing it into a zip loc bag. Food for thought.

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