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Skincare Routine 2015

Now, my best friend runs her own skincare blog and she recently did a post on her skincare routine. After reading about her routine, I realized that I haven't actually showed the world what my skincare routine is so, here it is in all it's glory!

With Make Up 


I never remove my face makeup without an oil based make up remover. I feel like these really remove my make up and bring back hydration at the same time. 

I have reviewed this product here.



On the days that I am bothered enough to wash my face, these are the two things I use without fail.

My Fresh Soy Face cleanser, review here, and my Bulgarian Rose Water. I'm actually not picky about what Rose Water I use as long as it's a rose water. It's really helped hydrate my skin and ever since I've used it, I haven't gotten any dry patches! I don't think I could ever not use this as part of my routine. Unfortunately I wouldn't go so far as considering it a holy grail...



A close friend of mine at Smith recommended to use Bio Oil in order to slowly get rid of my acne scars from puberty, and I've really noticed a difference! Plus, even if it doesn't work, it's oil. The hydration is good for the winter dryness! However I only use this on my cheeks and chin and not on the forehead. Because my forehead has little scars and is already oily..

The second bottle is a whitening moisturizer. My best friend gave it to me from Australia and I actually only use this on my forehead. I only use this on the top of my head because that's where the sun hits first, so it's also the darkest part of my face. I'm actually going to stop using this soon because I don't want my forehead to be more pale than the rest of my face...



I have used their night creams before, and I'm not going to go too extensively into this because I will be doing a brand focus, but I don't particularly like this cream...



They say you are meant to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week. I didn't really pay attention to this rule until I went to a Chanel counter in Nordstrom and the lady sat me down and told me that I gotta exfoliate. That was my wake up call. Now I really exfoliate 2-3 times a week because I always wash my face in the shower, so I just switched my regular cleanser with an exfoliating cleanser.

Of course, a lot of these products will be switched up in the coming year (my Soy Face Cleanser is almost over!!) so I will update it towards the end of the year. I expect that a lot of these products will be gone by then :)

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