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Skin Food 'Rice Mask' Review

Skin Food 'Rice Mask' Review

I had bought this mask a while ago and never got the chance of really using it. Mostly because I had tried it a little bit and the texture felt kind of weird. But then I was going to have a pamper night with my Smithie girls and I saw that I still had this face mask so I decided to see if I would like it again. Somewhat happily, my friends and I didn’t get to the pamper evening so I got a chance to give it a second try (I hope I don’t sound greedy or selfish...I was also tired from the things we did so I didn’t want to...if possible I think that made me seem even more shallow lol…).

First off, this is an oddly shaped container. I distinctly remember thinking that when I first saw it out from the package and I still have yet to figure out why it’s shaped so funny. Perhaps it’s to make it easier to scoop it out…?

Anyway, as the name suggests, it’s a a rice mask so the texture would be interesting for you if you aren’t use to rice on your face. But rather than being the whole grain of rice, it’s more like finely cut up rice soaked in water to make it a lot softer on the skin.

So after following the instructions of taking a generous amount and rubbing it in circular motions on your face, you kind of just let it sink in for about 15 minutes.

And after you just wash it off once you’re done.

This is the most interesting part though: the mask actually sinks into your skin and it’s literally “skin food”. It’s food for the skin.

Once you wash it off your skin feels a lot more hydrated and bouncier.

I love the feeling of this mask on my skin during the process. If only I could sleep with it in…

Anyway, while this is an amazing mask, I know I won’t buy it again. Just because the pot is a lot smaller than you would think and after every use you at least scoop up 2-3 scoops and in such a small pot it makes a difference.

Also, I could buy a mask that does everything this mask does for a lot more uses even though it might be a lot more expensive.

Anyway, while I did love this mask, if you have it you should definitely appreciate it.

Let me know if you've ever tried it!

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