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Laline 'All Eyes on You' Review

Laline 'All Eyes on You' Review

Hey you guys! I hope you all had an amazing weekend (: I'd love to know what you did this past weekend so be sure to leave me some comments (:

Anyway, this week is skincare week! I hope you enjoy this week (: My skin has been needing some major breaks on all the skincare products I have, so I decided to concentrate on a few skin care products that are natural and I know that work.

Anyway, here we go!

I needed a new eye cream and I found this skincare store at Pier 39 in San Francisco.

I didn’t want to give my under eye circles a dry spell so I had “eye cream” on my ‘to buy’ list and I found this and I thought why not.

This eye cream trumps the Origin’s Ginzeng Eye cream by margins.

At first I didn’t really notice anything, but this eye cream is so amazing. After you first put it on you don’t really notice much difference, but I could actually see my under eye circles dull compared to the other side of my eyes that didn’t have the cream.

Here in the picture you can see that my right eye is significantly more dull in color after applying the cream than my left eye which is more dark and obvious. After a few minutes though, it disappears even more. I think this eye cream should also be named a concealer!

And compared to Origin’s, which kind of just cancel’s it out for a bit, this Laline eyecream is beyond amazing. I could even see my under eye circles disappear slowly as I’ve been using this.

However I would say that there is a con about this eye cream and it’s the pot.

I hate how I can only really use my pinky finger to get out a small amount of eye cream to use since you can’t use much and it dips out, so it’s going to be problematic when I get down to the notch but I love it too much to hate it that much.

This eye cream is really just worth it and even though it’s $2 more expensive than the Ginzeng, it’s a lot more worth it.

Furthermore, the smell of this eye cream is refreshing and so sweet. It really makes me want to wear more of the eye cream than I actually should. It smells a lot like watermelon + honeydew mixed together. It has that melon refreshness and I think that really helps depuff under eye areas.

After having used it for at least a month I really feel a difference in my under eye area. I don’t  know what I would ever do without this eye cream because it’s so damn amazing. I think it’s my first holy grail skincare item.

If you guys are looking for a great undereye eye cream, then this would definitely be the perfect fit for you!

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