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Origins Review

Origins Review

Origins is a skincare/make up (mostly skincare though) store that specializes in making natural skincare/make up that is, as they put it, “powered by science”. They make products that protect the environment and do not test on animals. Like all natural skincare groups, they have products with no parabens, phthalates etc.

They have a reuse recycle program where your empty tubs of skincare, if you give it back to them, they will properly recycle the container in a earth friendly manner. And I do not believe it is limited to just Origin’s skincare products but all tubs/containers from other companies as well. They also have a program where they help American Forests’ Global Relief plant trees all around the world. To date, they have planted over 420,000 trees.

Checks and Balances Frothy Facewash

This is the second Origins product that I have ever tried and honestly, I am loving it!!

It's amazing!

I cannot think of anything silkier or creamier to wash my face with. It's a decent sized bottle and a lot of people are like, "This bottle is tiny! I'm going to use it up in no time!" But it's no joke, I've been using it for about 2.5 months? And I am probably only 1/6 of my way through the product.

You only ever need a pea sized amount. The way I use it is that I put it on my finger, rub it in my hand until it's evenly distributed, added a bit of water and then rub my face with it. It works wonders! It's milky and soft.

When I wash it off my skin feels so young! I mean, not saying I'm old or anything...

This product is totally worth the $21. I would honestly be willing to pay $30 bucks for this product! [Not saying that Origin's should raise the price or anything] I think it's really ironic how this amazing product is $21 but everything else is like over $25, mostly $30 range.

I love it, and don't have enough good things to say about this product.

GinZing Eyecream

Now, I needed an eyecream and honestly, I didn’t realize that it was so expensive until I went to a nearby Origins store and saw that this was a lot more expensive than anything else. Even my boyfriend commented on it!

But seriously, this is the best eye cream for dark circles out there.

It is a pink metallic color but it doesn’t come off that way on your skin after you applied it and patted it onto your skin. I cannot say that it helped improve my dark circles, but it definitely didn’t make it worse and I can tell. I know I just said that it didn’t help improve my dark circles, but I did notice my dark circles dulling a little after consecutive use.

The cream glides on extremely smoothly and sinks into your skin, as if your dark circles are soaking it up, hoping to heal itself.

The tub looks small, but honestly, you really don’t need a lot. I think I managed to use this eye cream for almost 4-5 months and so, even though I did say it was expensive, in the end it really doesn’t amount of much money.

I don’t think there is anything else I can say about this. I really want to try new eye creams, but this eye cream is so amazing I’m tempted to just buy my second tub.

Charcoal Improvement Mask

First mask I ever bought, and to be honest, I am actually kind of disappointed with this product.

Here’s why: it says that it clears pores, and blackheads. And honestly, I don’t think it clears pores.

When you put it on, it goes on smoothly and it is actually quite a thick mask. And it dries to a point where you kind of find it hard to move your face to show emotions (reminds me kind of botox where you cannot move your face for a few hours, although I’ve never had experience with botox, it’s just my large amount of movie knowledge talking). When you wash it off, it’s a pain in the butt honestly.

You not only have to rinse way more than once or twice, you also gotta wipe it really hard in order to get it off. (This mask has officially put me off buying face masks that I gotta wipe off.) And so once you do that your skin is red. However, after you wipe it off, your skin definitely feels clean. My pores remained the same with no improvement, and my blackheads did disappear a little, but I think that’s just because I have been washing my face well and has nothing to do with the mask.

I have given this mask a decent amount of trial (like almost 6 months) and honestly, wishing I didn’t purchase it.

Clean Energy Oil

This is an AMAZING cleansing oil for make up. You pump a few pumps, wipe it all over your face, and it dissolves your make up like no other. I don’t think I have anything else I need to say about it.

I will most likely be repurchasing this again because it’s so amazingly effective (and I say most likely only because I want to try other make-up removers).

United State Balanced Toner

Now of all the Origins product I own, this was 100% the most disappointing.

I have never ever used a toner before, and thought this might be a great thing to ease my skin into. However, after using it a few times, it broke me out like crazy! I stopped using it and my skin got so much better. I am never going to use another toner after this.

Superspot Remover

I actually bought this because I bought it for my boyfriend, and the very day I went home, I realized that I suddenly had a pimple! So I knew I had to go back and give this Superspot remover a decent try.

My first impression: it’s so tiny for such a large amount of money!

But omg, it definitely works. If you know how much you need for eye cream, it’s even less than that! And is ridiculously effective. It definitely calms down the acne and makes my face a lot better. I know for a fact that of all these Origins products, this one I will 100% repurchase. Mostly because I don’t know any other product that does the same thing for such a price, but also because it’s crazy effective and highly accessible for me.

I hope this Brand Focus has helped y'all begin your Origins journey. I must admit however, that I had bought most of these products in a short time span because I was going through an Origins spasm (I don't regret much though!) and honestly, I wouldn't have changed much about it.

Don't forget to let me know what you think! If you have tried these products before, please do let me know how you liked them and whether or not you would repurchase. It's always nice to hear and read about other people's experiences and opinions about the things I enjoyed and disliked.

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