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Mane n' Tail 'Shampoo & Conditioner' Review

Mane n' Tail 'Shampoo & Conditioner' Review

Let me just let the world know that the only part of my body that I am ACTUALLY proud of my hair. I love it. I protect it. I cherish it. But, when I was younger, I used to cut my hair a lot, layer it a lot and didn't particularly love it long. So I would cut it, I want to say, every two or three months? And it wasn't even a trim, it was an actual cut.

So by the time I wanted long hair, the only way my hair would grow would be in heat. I know that sounds weird but I've noticed that every time I am in a very hot place, while I do sweat a lot, my hair also grows a lot by the time I leave.

But, I live in Seattle, so that means that it is VERY seldom that it is hot enough to stimulate any hair growth.

So I have watched a lot of videos to see how girls grow their hair (I want my hair to be just above by hip, and right now it's just past my breasts) and I saw quite a few videos where they talk about this shampoo/conditioner by Mane n' Tails.

Now, it is a horse shampoo, however, it also works on humans so I decided to give it a try. Plus, it is available to purchase at drugstores and it wasn't super expensive so, I thought, why not?

Mane n' Tail SHAMPOO

This is the part where is supposed to be miraculous.

I think it definitely did help improve the length of my hair. But that is the ONLY good point this shampoo has.

One of the few things I noticed after I used this a few times was that it made my hair a little rubbery. Like I could feel the friction when I would run my fingers through my hair under the water and usually it's pretty smooth.

But the biggest thing is that after using it for so long (like I would say 2 months?) I was shedding hair like CRAZY!

I mean, it's normal to shed hair, that I know.

But to be shedding hair even when I wasn't touching my hair? Shedding hair when I was just randomly flipping my hair? That really isn't normal.

But I kept thinking to myself, you know what? It'll pass.

But then one time I just pulled out 5 strands of hair in one go and I just snapped.

I want to grow out my hair, but I don't want to loose all my hair in the process.

So almost everything this shampoo doesn't isn't worth the money.


This thing smells great. But it looks like solid poop because it's really yellow.

And it definitely does smooth out and condition my hair.

But I am not a huge fan of conditioner, regardless of the brand and the reason is that I don't want to lose any more hair than I need to. And there are some shampoo's that don't require any conditioner to make my hair smooth.

So for me, this was one of those hair care items I don't need, HOWEVER, it is necessary for the shampoo which just shows me how not great the shampoo really is.

I know I said that hair growth is important to me, but the reason why it is so low is because while it did grow out my hair, it didn't grow out a lot.

So, with this being said, I would never repurchase this. I also do not recommend this. But, every person is different so while it worked on the girls I watched on YouTube, it didn't work for me. So if you want to try it, go ahead. Life is all about experiences but be warned, it isn't that great.

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